Getting to Know You

Or, more precisely, getting to know me.

Who am I you might ask? Well, I normally answer to Alisha, Lisha, Leeeeeeeesha, or occasionally “Hey you, over there!” I am currently a sophomore in college, and one of the many crazy honors student at the University of Mobile.I was born and raised in the small town of Russellville Alabama, attended highschool in Birminghan, and now attend college in Mobile.

I love the University of Mobile, especially the honors program. The honors program brings challenging and unique opportunities for spiritual and mental growth for those brave enough to accept the challenge. One of these challenges was the class that I am currently taking, Super Storms of The Midwest, otherwise known as Storm Chasing.

When I first heard about the possibility that this class might be offered, I was immediately interested. I am the first to admit that science is my least favorite subject, the technicalities often lose me and the impracticalities of it often bore me (when will I ever need to know the parts of a frog in my life?).

This very disinterest in science is actually what is fueling my interest in this class though, as strange as it seems. I was drawn to the idea of a class where I can use the knowledge I gain in my every day life. I have always been fascinated by weather, and this class offered the opportunity to gain a unique experience and practical knowledge about something useful all at once.

The idea of storm chasing, of searching out bad weather to study it, fascinates me. I know that there are many that are suffering right now because of weather, and that makes this trip an all the more impact-full experience.

I cannot change the weather; even with all the scientific advances that we have today, we can only try to predict when it is coming and hope to get out of its way. But, I can study it and attempt to understand it.

I feel this class has helped me be better prepared to face bad weather situations that will arise in the future.

Why do I want to chase storms? To learn about them in a way that pictures cannot tell. To be able to see the power of God close up, to see the fear and the majesty of his creation. To stave the curiosity of a crazy honors student with an insatiable desire to know more.

Tantum E Tenebris Receptum Constabit. Only what is won from the Darkness will stand. I hope to emerge from the darkness with a better understanding of nature, and a better awareness and ability to assist those affected by it.

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