Embarking on the journey of a lifetime

My name is Ashlee Lassiter and I am one of the students in Mr. Carey’s Superstorms of the Midwest class. I’m a double major in Musical Theater and History with Teacher Certification. In 2 short weeks we will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime. My class and I will be travelling to the great plains to observe and study storms. In common terms, we will be storm chasing, but there is much more to it than that. Hence, why I hesitated to use the term.

You might be wondering how a sophomore musical theater major like myself became interested in this course. Well, I have always found nature fascinating. I also like to break the norm. As an Honors student here at the university, I have the opportunity to take many unique and enriching courses. I feel that when an opportunity is given to you, you should take it and experience it to the fullest of your abilities. That is why I immediately expressed interest in this course when I heard about it my freshman year. I am very excited to see what this trip holds in store for me.


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