Awaiting a Journey

In ten days a group of UM honors students will begin a journey. It’s a journey I’ve looked forward to since the idea surfaced about a year ago, where I dug my claws into one of the few spots and refused to let go.

I am a twenty year old junior  at UM, though by the end of the week (and therefore during the trip) I shall be twenty one. My major is marine science because it combines my two loves: science and the ocean. Well, I say science is one of my loves but it’s more of a love of learning about anything and everything with a slight bias on the natural world (I shall never forsake you, literature/philosophy/history/mythology!). Meteorology is obviously an off-shoot of that.

Another reason I am looking forward to the trip is that some of my fondest childhood memories are watching storms with my dad from our porch. I remember being in awe of the lightining, wind, and rain. As much as I love the ocean, storms are also special. Over the years I’ve picked up (and been straight out taught in my classes) the knowledge of the mechanics and sheer amount of energy behind storms. Now these forces of natural truly awe me, and I want to see them in a place that isn’t surrounded by trees that make it difficult to watch.

So what exactly am I expecting on this adventure of a lifetime?

Honestly, I’ll probably be miserable for a good part of it. We’ll be getting up at an ungodly hour to leave. Between being cramped in a van and sharing a room, none of us will get much time to ourselves (and I can get grumpy when around people for too long). Lastly – if we’re lucky – we’ll be going non-stop to catch the storms. Also: gas station restrooms are evil.

However, for reasons already explained it will be completely worth it. Even if I don’t see a tornado (but I hope I do).


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One comment on “Awaiting a Journey

  1. Ashley says:

    Good Luck Ashton! Have fun and stay safe!

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