Week Two Review

Storm Chasing with Steve Carey

Number of Miles Driven:  2,887

Number of Tornadoes Seen:  0; however, there is a high likelyhood that we saw a developing tornado that   became obscured by rain and hail

Number of Funnel Clouds observed:  2

Number of Supercell Storms Seen:  4 or 5

Number of Angry Property Owners Encountered:  1

Number of Pounds Gained from Eating Too Much “Road” Food:  0.  Although I feel like I gained 10 pounds, I actually lost a pound

Here are a few more photos from Week Two

Hail shafts associated with a storm east of Denver, Colorado

Scary-looking cloud, but not a tornado

Courthouse (left) and Jail rocks, near present-day Bridgeport, Nebraska, were important landmarks along the Oregon Trail

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