Yes? No? Maybe?

Storm Chasing with Steve Carey

June 7, 2010

Today found us in the Nebraska Panhandle north of Scottsbluff.   We watched a supercell strengthen into a beast of a storm and were in perfect position to see a tornado if one developed.  All eyes were on a rapidily rotating wall cloud as an obvious funnel cloud began to form.   Before we could determine if the funnel touched down, rain and hail obscured our view and forced us to retreat to a safer location.   As we drove away from a possible tornado,  several vehicles including a semi-trailer headed directly into the concealed  tornado’s path.   Our concern  for the occupants of these vehicles was  magnified  when we passed an ambulance and Nebraska state trooper heading in the direction  where the tornado likely crossed the highway.   We continued on to North Platte, Nebraska  for the night, arriving there about midnight.   I’m convinved we would have seen a tornado today, if the rain and hail hadn’t blocked

A drive through the scenic Wildcat Hills south of Scottsbluff, Nebraska

A monster supercell forms north of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

Dust kicked up by strong outflow winds generated by the supercell north of Scottsbluff

our view.


One comment on “Yes? No? Maybe?

  1. Glenn Geise says:

    Really nice structure!!!

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