No Tornado, but a Great Chase Day

Storm Chasing with Steve Carey

June 6, 2010

Intially, today wasn’t expected to be a great chase day.   On Saturday, our plans were to drive to the top of Mt. Evans near Denver and then make a decision of where to go to get into position for Monday.   By Sunday morning however, the SPC issued a slight chance of severe weather in western Nebrasaka and eastern Colorado.   Saying goodbye to our plans to visit Mt. Evans, we targeted the Nebraska Panhandle.  It was a good decision.   Late afternoon found us near Chappell, Nebraska chasing a rapidly developing supercell.  Perhaps it is more accurate to say that much of the time the storm chased us!   Although this storm produced no tornadoes,  it was a photographer’s dream.  The cloud motion, contrasting colors,  and overall structure of the storm were remarkable—simultaneously menancing and  beautiful.  The Vortex 2 team was all over this storm, and we encountered many of their research vehicles gathering valuable scientific  information.   The potential exists for this to be a great chase week.  It certainly has gotten off to a great start.

That's a rain shaft on the left, not a tornado.


One comment on “No Tornado, but a Great Chase Day

  1. Steve Burchi says:

    Say Hi to Derrick for me – good luck chasing this week !

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